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About Lasersonix Face & Body Clinic

Lasersonix Face & Body Clinic offers

Experienced and professional registered Nurse, who is licensed and trained to carry out Microneedling and Chemical peel procedures to help you to achieve your cosmetic enhancement goals.

We are also home to the new HYDRODERMABRASION treatment.

Everybody wants beautiful skin and there are many products and treatments out there that boast results. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin, hydrodermabrasion technology may be right for you. 

This skincare treatment is one of our most popular offerings. It uses water and oxygen to exfoliate, unlike other harsher treatments that may use hard crystals or abrasive textures. Ultra-hydrating fluids are combined with hydrodermabrasion to give your skin that natural look of healthiness and vitality as your skin cells are rejuvenated by this treatment.

We provide our clients with a fusion of boutique and clinic-like atmosphere

Which will leave our clients wanting more. We ensure your satisfaction in guaranteed,
Lasersonix is proud to bring our clients accessible convenience with time efficiency, comfortable and safe procedures that are of cutting edge technology.

Our treatments and all our REFORM products used in treatments are of FDA approval.

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